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Pakistan Projects

Meem Madaat Welfare Eye Vision Camp For The Poor & Local Community

Shakrillah Shareef Jamia Masjid Meem Madaat Sponsored Milaad 2022

Meem Madaat Open Day Of The New Community & Funeral Update 2022

Meem Madaat Group Delivering Life Line Treatment For A Blessed Child

Update On Helping Raise Vital Funds To Complete A Masjid Project 2022

Update On Our Both Medical Centres 2022

Water Filtration Plant & Water Pumps Update 2022

Meem Madaat Urgent Appeal - Raising Funds For Pakistan Flood Victims 2022


Feeding The Masses During The First 9 Days Of Dhul Hijjah

Meem Madaat Support To Build A Funeral Hall (JANZAH-GAH) & Water Pump Projects 2022 Update

Meem Madaat Welfare 
Eid Ul Fitr 2022 - Gift Packs For The Orphan/Needy Children Project

7 Water Pumps Installed & 
New Water Filtration Plant Started in 2021 (Total Cost £6100)

Clinic 1 
Gharmallah Area Update

Meem Madaat - Covid-19
Appeal Over 500 Food Packages, Delivered & Shopkeeper Makes Dua For All Meem Madaat Team & Donors

Meem Madaat
Orphan Eid Project 13/5/2021

Doctor Update 
Clinic 2

Installed New Flooring  
At Clinic 1

Helping The Flood Victims Of Bangladesh

Meem Madaat Clinic 1
Gharmallah Ramadan Update 2022.

Meem Madaat Clinic 2
Shakrillah Ramadan Update 2022

Funeral Hall
(Janazah Gah) Project Update

Clinic 2
Shakrillah Area Update

Meem Madaat - Looking After 
The Environment Planting Trees Near The Cemetery 2021

Meem Madaat  
Covid-19 Appeal 2020

Doctor Update 
Clinic 1

Khatam Shareef - Dua Are Been Made For The New Water Pump For The Janazah-Gah Pakistan

Raising Funds To Help The Victims Of The Earthquake Victims

Meem Madaat Team Arranged Iftari For The Poor, Distributed Food Parcels & Gave Cash Gifts

Helping Build A Safe Home
 For A Needy Family 2021

Raised Vitual Funds To Install
Doors & Windows For A New House Project 2022

New Project In 2022 Complete
House Project For A Needy Family

Meem Madaat - Children Got New Madrassa Uniform 2021

Pharmacy & Manager

Nurse Update 
Clinic 1

Funeral Hall  
(Janazah-Gah) Project

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