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Pakistan Projects


MEEM MADAAT Second Annual EyeCamp - year 2023


New water pump & motor (Sponsored by Shezad Ahmed & family)

Meem Madaat Welfare Eye Vision Camp For The Poor & Local Community

Update On Our Both Medical Centres 2022

Update On Helping Raise Vital Funds To Complete A Masjid Project 2022

Feeding The Masses During The First 9 Days Of Dhul Hijjah

Meem Madaat Support To Build A Funeral Hall (JANZAH-GAH) & Water Pump Projects 2022 Update

Meem Madaat Welfare 
Eid Ul Fitr 2022 - Gift Packs For The Orphan/Needy Children Project

7 Water Pumps Installed & 
New Water Filtration Plant Started in 2021 (Total Cost £6100)

Clinic 1 
Gharmallah Area Update

Meem Madaat - Covid-19
Appeal Over 500 Food Packages, Delivered & Shopkeeper Makes Dua For All Meem Madaat Team & Donors

Meem Madaat
Orphan Eid Project 13/5/2021

Doctor Update 
Clinic 2

Installed New Flooring  
At Clinic 1

OUR MEDICAL CENTRE IS DOING AMAZING WORK - The staff are serving over 80 patients daily

ANNUAL MAWLID 2023 - (funded by my father, feeding over 400 people)

CHARACTER BUILDING SESSIONS (Based on social & moral code of society)

Shakrillah Shareef Jamia Masjid Meem Madaat Sponsored Milaad 2022

Water Filtration Plant & Water Pumps Update 2022

Meem Madaat Urgent Appeal - Raising Funds For Pakistan Flood Victims 2022

Helping The Flood Victims Of Bangladesh

Meem Madaat Clinic 1
Gharmallah Ramadan Update 2022.

Meem Madaat Clinic 2
Shakrillah Ramadan Update 2022

Funeral Hall
(Janazah Gah) Project Update

Clinic 2
Shakrillah Area Update

Meem Madaat - Looking After 
The Environment Planting Trees Near The Cemetery 2021

Meem Madaat  
Covid-19 Appeal 2020

Doctor Update 
Clinic 1

Khatam Shareef - Dua Are Been Made For The New Water Pump For The Janazah-Gah Pakistan

Annual Eye Camp & Amazing work at our medical centre

INSTALLED A NEW BATHROOM FOR A NEEDY FAMILY (After flash flooding, previous one was destroyed)

Final night delivering the remaining Aid to one of the most dangerous villages. Alhamdulillah

Meem Madaat Open Day Of The New Community & Funeral Update 2022

Meem Madaat Group Delivering Life Line Treatment For A Blessed Child


Raising Funds To Help The Victims Of The Earthquake Victims

Meem Madaat Team Arranged Iftari For The Poor, Distributed Food Parcels & Gave Cash Gifts

Helping Build A Safe Home
 For A Needy Family 2021

Raised Vitual Funds To Install
Doors & Windows For A New House Project 2022

New Project In 2022 Complete
House Project For A Needy Family

Meem Madaat - Children Got New Madrassa Uniform 2021

Pharmacy & Manager

Nurse Update 
Clinic 1

Funeral Hall  
(Janazah-Gah) Project

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